Plastic free and sustainable living

Hey guys,

As we wrap up our campaign we’d love to leave you with some great organisations who we think do a stellar job at promoting ecofriendly, plastic free and sustainable living practices. We hope that you’ve learnt a handful of things about how much the environment has been affected by something so overlooked as plastic bags.

Sydney Sustainability

Founded in 2013 as a way to promote sustainable events and information in Sydney. We think this site and Facebook community is great because living in such a busy city like Sydney, you can easily become unaware of all the detrimental practices going on. Head on over and have a read about how living sustainably is necessary! Who knows, maybe you’ll get some handy tips as well 😉

Plastic Free Tuesday 

Our friends at Plastic Free Tuesday do a great job at reducing our plastic footprint. We’ve done a post on them before! Start reducing plastic waste one day at a time – literally. Just spend one day out of your week, not consuming or wasting and plastic and see how you go. Don’t forget to tweet at @Plasticfreetues and #plasticfreetuesday

Ecothrifty Living

Zoe from Ecothrifty living is an inspiration! Her blog covers great tips on how an ecofriendly lifestyle is better for our planet, our health and our wallets! If you’re tight on the budget and looking for some tips, definitely head on over.

My Plastic Free Life 

If you don’t know Beth, then where have you been living!? Beth Terry started living a completely plastic-free lifestyle in 2007 and has been blogging about it ever since. She’s your one stop shop for ways on living plastic-free or general plastic pollution news. She’s definitely an inspiration. We can only hope to be as sustainable as you one day Beth!

Thanks for joining us on this journey. Don’t forget to always try and say “no” whenever you’re faced with the option of a plastic bag. The environment and our furry friends will thank you in the long run. Let’s help band together and reduce plastic bag waste. It’s a long process, but starts with one person standing up against plastic.

Tote simple, Totewise!

Over and out!